When God Made You…

Girls art book
I absolutely adore children’s books. One of my favorite children’s authors (Jane G. Meyer) recently wrote a fantastic book called, When God Made You. I just finished reading it and loved every page. It’s beautifully illustrated (by Megan Elizabeth Gilbert) and the text is fun, smart, and full of love—the perfect book to share with children. Jane G. Meyer’s books are among our family’s favorites and I’m certain her latest will be, too.

As you can see from the sample video below, there are several children in the book.  Each child’s story begins with “When God made… .” What follows is a beautiful and whimsical description of what God was thinking when He made each child. What is truly beautiful about this book is that there are children from around the world and each with different and unique talents. I am sure every child who reads this will identify with at least one of the children in one way and probably more.

I am waiting to read the book with my own children because I first wanted to write a description for each of them. Inspired by this charming book, I just finished my own, “When God made you…” descriptions for each of my kids. I plan on reading the book to them and surprising them with what I wrote. I had so much fun writing their descriptions and enjoyed thinking on how unique and wondrously made each of my children are. I am thankful to author Jane G. Meyer and illustrator Megan Elizabeth Gilbert for putting together such a beautiful piece of art that made me contemplate the gift of my own children and the gift of the many unique and wonderful people in my life. In short–get the book, you’ll love it! 😉


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