4 Things My Family will Miss about Lent

communionMy kids and I were discussing that Lent is almost over and Holy Week is upon us. As much as we are looking forward to Pascha (Easter), there are some things we will miss about Lent. Here’s our list of what we will miss:

  • The Prayer of Saint Ephraim Lucas (7) and his younger brothers agree that they will miss the prostrations we do when saying this prayer. Little kids especially love the extra movement that happens during Lent and Holy Week. I love the prayer too. The words give ample opportunity for reflection.

Prayer of Saint Ephrem


  • Presanctified Liturgy This is my favorite service. Well, Holy Week has some beautiful services too. And Divine Liturgy on Pascha, especially the morning service is a favorite also. We have the most beautiful services in the East! Okay, one of my absolute favorite services is Presanctified Liturgy, my older kids feel the same.

We love how intimate the service is. Viviana (10) explained to me how much she loves when Father Nicholas or Maximos sing the “Let my prayer arise…” part, and we respond, switching back and forth and going from prostrating to standing. Again, I think the services are highly engaging, and children respond to this.

The entire service is simply beautiful. I love being able to worship with prostrations and kneeling with the Eucharist present; Something we don’t often do since we do not kneel on Sundays. Of course receiving the Eucharist during the week is a blessing. It’s a humbling service. The beautiful words, the worship, the grace, it all sinks in deep.

I will also miss hearing my children sing those words throughout the week at home. I have a family of singers, and many of my kids will often sing out loud as they go about their day. During Lent, I often hear Diego (13) and Lena (12) sing various parts of the service. I love hearing it and will miss when they stop singing the Presanctified Liturgy hymns. Next Lent though!

prayer arise

  • Lentil Tacos! I still cannot explain why my lentil-hating children love lentil tacos. I mean, I enjoy them, the recipe from Melissa Naasko’s cookbook Fasting as a Family is good but why on earth my picky children love them is unexplainable. I am just glad they do! I have promised to make it regularly for the Wednesday and Friday fast so that they won’t miss them too much.
  • The Excitement! Vivi also told me she is going to miss being excited about Pascha coming! I love that! My hope is these times will carry them through the hard times that come for all of us. I hope their experience and what they learn now about dedication and effort, and God’s love and the joy He gives us will be a foundation for their faith and stay with them their entire lives.

I think that’s mostly it. My list of what we won’t miss about Lent would be longer than the Great Canon, but I am sure you can guess what would be on it already. 😉


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  1. I love the Presanctified Liturgy & am always a tad bit sad to say goodbye to it!

  2. Lent is my favourite Liturgical season. It goes by too fast (no pun intended :-D)…

    • Haha!
      This Lent has zoomed by for us. I can’t even tell you how many times I heard one of the kids mention how fast it is going by. I think their improved attitude regarding fasting helped things to not drag for them or me! This year has been fairly smooth. Still, I am looking forward to Bright Week.

  3. Br. Gregory says:

    This year Lent was a very trying time for me, especially due to work. I “crashed and burned” halfway through…

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