Attitude of Gratitude Challenge: Day 9— Writing My Way to a More Thankful Heart

This is the Father Basil I first met many, many years ago!

I’m grateful for…

Old Friends. The monks had a benefit concert, so the kids and I spent the afternoon and evening at the monastery. I spent a large part of the evening talking with Father Basil. It sounds silly to call him an old friend because he is more than a friend to me. I met him when I was 17, and he was in his early 50’s. He is a father-figure to me (and Manny) and not just because he is a monk.

Through out the years, Father Basil has always been there caring for and loving us. He’s given helpful advice about many things; anything from raising kids and married life, to building and fixing things.

I still remember the advice he gave me back when Manny and I were first married. He told me the best way to make a marriage last is to live by these words, “What happens in your home between you and your spouse, stays in your home.” He explained that the quickest way to ruin a marriage was to go around complaining about your spouse to others. Wise words.

When I was a young mother and hyper-vigilant about my child’s behavior in church, he would come up to me after Liturgy and tell me, “Hun, leave that child alone. She’s fine.” or “Don’t crush her free spirit by making her behave so much. She’s just a kid, let her be.”

I still use this advice, “The devil is a sly one and is always trying to trick us. Keep prayer simple, don’t worry about other things, just pray your Jesus prayer.”

Father Basil is a unique character. He’s made me angry; he’s made me laugh; he’s made me see the world in different ways through his stories and his life. He’s prayed for my family and me and has shared in our lives. The older I get, the more I understand that the greatest gift you can give someone is to share your life with them and partake of theirs.

Father Basil is 76 now, and it’s starting to show. While I was having dinner with him and listening to him reminisce about the past, I felt extremely grateful to spend the evening with him and for having him in my life all these years.

My Husband. I started the day flustered and rushed with too many things to do in the day and not enough time. As I went about my day thinking about those tasks, I didn’t tell Manny “I love you” which is something I say several times a day, and he says the same to me. When he was leaving to work, I was still thinking of what I needed to do next instead of being in the moment with him. As I kissed him goodbye, he gave me his look and told me he was still waiting. “Waiting for what?” I asked. “For you to say you love me, you haven’t said it once today.” Manny will often remind me to live in the moment, and that was how he did it then. I’m thankful to have a husband who needs me, loves me, and knows how to bring me back to the present.

Good deals in town. I scored two new pairs of jeans for Diego for $1 each! Two other pairs for $6 each. The way this kid is growing and wears out his clothes I’m grateful to have found him new pants at such a discount.

This is a post from my Medium page. I thought it was a good one to share on the blog. It’s related to this previous blog post about daily crosses:

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