Baking Communion Bread with My Kids

Miracle of miracles! My prosfora (communion bread) baking is finished early! It is only nine at night and I made nine loaves of prosfora, four loaves of pumpkin bread, and managed to make spaghetti and sauce for dinner. This is a miracle because usually I wait until everyone is in bed to make prosfora which means I go to bed way too late. I do this so that I can bake in peace, quiet, and actually pray while baking.

Viviana baking prosfora

Viviana baking prosfora

Today everyone wanted to help (it was really us who did all the baking, not just me). Occasionally I have the older kids stay up and help me. We always have a good conversation about communion and praying for others and we get praying in too. Today we started early with all the little kids up and running around and wanting to “help”.

‘Oh yes, this is why I wait until everyone is asleep.’ I kept thinking and said out loud a few times in frustration. Toddlers running around, big kids making pumpkin bread while we also made prosfora. The kids kept asking for help and directions while I was trying to concentrate on my own baking and all at the same time little kids kept asking (for the fiftieth time) if they can come and help. Oh, Otis (the dog) was very curious and I had to shoo him out a few times too. By the way this can be dangerous–making prosfora and pumpkin bread at the same time (I managed to prevent a disaster tonight!).

The thought occurred to me in a moment of impatience and frustration while helping my daughter Marina stamp the communion bread (being that I was making communion bread, I felt immediately bad for feeling this way with the chaos of the moment), ‘If I wait for perfect conditions and for everything to be just like I want it to be, I’ll never do anything for God.’

My mood changed after that and I realized things may not be how I want them to be but so what? Since when is that what makes things perfect anyway? And more importantly, why do I think I know so well what pleases God?

We finished baking, I knew having the kids help and say their little sweet prayers while baking the bread soon to become the Body of Christ , was far more important than me baking alone tonight or having everything as I want it.

As usual, I learned something important from my kids by them just being themselves. I’ll still have baking time alone or with only one or two of the big kids (it’s important for me and them) but I will definitely have more baking times like today too. “Imperfect,” loud, and with prayers for patience being said mixed in with prayers for people I know, so much like most of the time in my life. And still, God will take my little work and make something beautiful with it; in this case the prosfora will become the Body of Christ. Miracle of miracles!


  1. This is a beautiful post, thank you! This line is SO true…‘If I wait for perfect conditions and for everything to be just like I want it to be, I’ll never do anything for God.’ We bake prosphora for our parish, as well, & it is such a blessing to think that this humble bread from my oven becomes Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist! God bless you all!

    • Jessica Archuleta says:

      Thank you Patricia 🙂 I agree, it is a blessing to be able to bake the bread that becomes the Eucharist.

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