Celebrating a Marriage

There is something odd about making wedding crowns for my own parents and explaining to my  children why I am making crowns for their grandparents. Such is the life of a revert!

My parents grew up Catholic but left the Church when they were adults so they were not married in  the Church. At my grandfathers request, I was baptized Catholic but my parents raised us kids in a  non-denominational Christian home.

When I came back to the Church my parents were not thrilled. It was years of debates and conversations and prayers before my dad found his way back. It was several years more before my mom longed again to receive the Eucharist and embraced the faith of her childhood.

So here we are, today is their 36th wedding anniversary and they are having their marriage blessed in the Church and both will again be able to receive the Eucharist together and with my family. Joyous long awaited day!

The Searcher for the Lost is the title that Mary is honored by at Holy Resurrection Monastery.  Because so many of my family members have left the Catholic Church, the Searcher for  the Lost holds a very special place in my heart. I have always asked her to intercede and help my  family members find their way back home. Today I have seen prayers answered!

And like all things in life none of this came to pass by itself. I was reminded today of the beauty of community. The monks have prayed for my parents for years and so have many of my friends. Fr. Nicholas was very instrumental in bringing my father back to the faith and the monks witness has always impressed my mom. And Manny’s faith is what started it all! We had the service and then like good Byzantines we feasted afterwards! We had a wonderful lunch, my dad treated everyone to filet mignon and red wine risotto – Fr. Moses was kind and did the cooking. We had a wonderful day with family and friends!

My parents were a wonderful example to their grandchildren today and showed them the importance of the sacrament of marriage. I am sure this day will leave an impression on them. God is good!


  1. Alex Martinez says:

    Many years Louie and Annet!

  2. What a wonderful blessing to have your parents return home to the Faith! God bless you all! Our daughter Abigail met your Scarlet at the 2014 girls’ camp at Christ the Bridegroom & she very much hopes the 2 of them can meet up again someday! 🙂

    • Jessica Archuleta says:

      It is a wonderful blessing Patricia,thanks for looking at the blog 🙂 Scarlett loved all of the girls at camp, she hopes to meet up again too! Wasn’t the camp a beautiful experience for the girls to go to?!

  3. This is wonderful! It also gives me hope for my parents who also have left the church. I pray that The Searcher for the Lost will intercede and find my parents one day.

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