Clean Monday and Clean Fridges–A new series by a friend

Our good friend, Melissa Naasko, has started a new series about Eastern Catholicism and she also has a book about fasting coming out next month. We highly recommend you check out her new article.

Clean Monday and Clean Fridges

“It is nearly Lent again and Roman Catholics have fish on their minds. The world sits up and takes notice and fish, seafood, and other meatless fare makes its way onto sale ads, restaurant tables, and even electric menu boards of fast food chains. The familiar question of what one is giving up for Lent and if Sundays count is bantered about even by those who aren’t Catholic. As an Eastern Catholic, I don’t pick something to give up for Lent, I don’t eat fish or egg salad, and my family does not attend stations on Friday nights. It is not that we are not deep in the work of Lent but that the spiritual work is very different. Eastern Lent is as rewarding as it is rigorous and Holy Mother Church in her great wisdom allows us to slowly move into Lent, gently easing us into the Great Fast. It is a gradual process and helps the faithful gather strength.” Continue here

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