A Feast, a Birthday, and a New Book

February 5th is the feast of the Theotokos the Searcher for the Lost. She is the patroness of Holy Resurrection Monastery, so we started the day with Divine Liturgy. February 5th is also our son Lorenzo’s birthday! This sweet little man is a joy for all of us. He is a great big brother to his two younger siblings, is best buddies with his brother Sal, and loved to pieces by the rest of us. He has been impatiently anticipating his birthday for a while now. On the feast of one of his patrons back in October, he was a bit confused thinking that his feast day meant he turned a year older. He was an unhappy little man when I explained that he was still 4 until February. “But it’s my feast day, that means I am 5!” I heard that several times on his patron saint’s feast–Eastern Christian kid problems!

On top of the feast and birthday, we received a new book for Great Lent. It’s called The Zacchaeus Tree: A Family Guide Through the Season of Great Lent by Lynn Drozdik Wardach. We have Lynn’s other book for the Nativity Fast and enjoyed it. I flipped through the new book, and it looks fantastic. I’m happy to have it to use with the kids. I plan to have the older kids take turns with me going through the book and doing the activities. The best way to learn is to teach, so I think the older kids will benefit from teaching their younger siblings. It’ll be a sound reinforcement of what they already know, and I’m sure they’ll learn some new things along the way too. 

I know next week is Clean Monday for some of you, Ash Wednesday for others, and for us and the Orthodox, Meatfare on Sunday. Either way, Great Lent is upon us! It’s time for me to make some food meal plans and book reading plans for the older kids. How have you been getting ready?    







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