Feast Day Buddies!

Diego and Scarlett making desserts in honor of their patron saints.

Diego and Scarlett making desserts in honor of their patron saints.

July is a busy month for us. Patron feast days for St. Marina, St. Mary Magdalene, St. James the Great, St. Anne, St. Paisios,  and a birthday are all on the calendar. In our family we celebrate each of our patron saints by praying Vespers and/or going to Divine Liturgy. We also make a dessert to celebrate and we always sing God Grant You Many Years when we sit down together to our little sweet feast and talk about the saint we are honoring. We have always had the person who’s feast day it is choose the dessert but the last couple of years we have had the older kids make a dessert for others in honor of their patron. Last year Scarlett and Diego (seen above) made Santiago Tarts and a traditional Creme of Saint Anne.  They served these scrumptious treats to a lovely group of sisters (The Little Sisters of St. Francis), who were visiting the monastery.  The desserts were a big hit!

Jessica and the kids enjoying a visit with the Little Sisters of Saint Francis.

Jessica and the kids enjoying a visit with the Little Sisters of Saint Francis.

Although we observe the liturgical calendar for the Eastern church, we keep the feast of Santiago (St. James) on July 25th like the Latin’s do. We also celebrate the Dormition of St. Anne on the same day according to the Eastern calendar. We do this in our family because we named our oldest son Santiago and our eldest daughter is Scarlett Anne. St. James was the apostle that took the Gospel to Spain (he is also the patron of Taos, a small town in New Mexico where Manny’s family is from). The feasts of Santiago y Santa Ana are celebrated a day apart on the Latin calendar and are a part of our Hispanic culture that we have always kept.  So the two of them (Diego and Scarlett, that is) like to call themselves “feast day buddies.”

The idea has always been to encourage the children to look forward to their patron saints feast day so they will feel close to them and get to know them. And boy do they! July especially is anticipated with excitement by the five kids that have a feast day that month. Over the years we have seen our kids grow to love their saints and seek them in intercession. Nothing excites the little ones more than to know they were named after awesome, holy saints that spread the faith all over the world.

So today Manny went and bought the kids some doughnuts to wake up to and tomorrow he will help Diego make the traditional Santiago tart to take to potluck after Divine Liturgy.

How do you celebrate your patrons feast days? Does anyone have a special patron for their family?


  1. Our family’s patron saint is St. Padre Pio. We became Catholic the day he was canonized (June 16, 2002). His feast day is Sept. 23. Since our first four children were born in September, he fits right in! However, we have not been celebrating feast days of patron saints just because we’re not used to it and with six children, it seemed like a lot. The longer I am Catholic, though, the more I’m finding I want to be more in tune with the whole liturgical year. Thank you for the ideas and encouragement! Maybe I can pull something together for my daughter Mary Anne tomorrow!

    • Jessica Archuleta says:

      That’s wonderful! My son Diego loves St. Padre Pio too! He watches that great movie in Italian about him every now and then, Padre Pio Miracle Man. He is 10 so this always makes me laugh to see him entranced by this movie in Italian!

      When life is too hectic to make something we will buy a dessert, Ice cream always makes people happy! The goal is still reached, we are fostering a love and friendship between the kids and their patron saints.

      Blessed feast day to your daughter!

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