Feast of the Holy Cross, Sept. 14

The Feast of the Exaltation of the Precious and Lifegiving Cross is only a few days away.  Here is a short clip highlighting the feast as it is celebrated by the Ethiopian church.  Be sure to watch the video–definitely one for the bucket list!


Meskel Festival in Ethiopia

Meskel Festival in Ethiopia




  1. I love the joy & exuberance with which African Christians celebrate the Feasts of the Liturgical year! Thanks for sharing this! We once knew a wonderful & devout Nigerian priest who would come for dinner & bring his drum to play & dance with our children when they were young. They loved it! 🙂

    • Jessica Archuleta says:

      Reading this makes me smile. What a joy to have known that priest! We met some wonderful sisters from Africa and they blessed my children and then danced and sang with them, it was so beautiful and fun!

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