Gems and Musings from This House of Brede–Whores and Tramps

I paused when I read this. It’s absolutely true, of course, and the same can be said about Eastern Orthodox churches. Let’s just look at the saints. Like Saint Mary of Egypt in the icon above or Saint Moses the Strong. Or some of the Fools for Christ, like Saint Basil the Blessed. A funny story about Saint Basil tells of him throwing pebbles at priests! Can you imagine!? Then we’ve also had royal saints. Saints like Saint Helen or Saint Clotilde, and all kinds of people in between. I think we can easily look at the variety of the saints from both the Eastern and Western churches and see how true this statement is from In This House of Brede. I have to be honest though, it may be easy to see and love the various saints of our Church in heaven but what if I would have met them at church looking wild, or acting crazy, or dressed scandalously. It’s not like the saints were always saints or had a sign on them that said they were holy once they were. How would I react to such people? Would I see them as they truly are?

We are all called be holy and have the potential to do so. We each have our own unique story and path to heaven. We are all pilgrims on this earth. I know I am guilty of not always seeing others as fellow pilgrims but as seeing them as “others.” Thankfully Christ’s Church is a home for everyone, even foolish people like me who need the example of God’s saints to help her to see that Christ is not selective, prejudice, afraid of what is different, easily scandalized, or blind to the potential in all to be holy like He is.  

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