Getting ready for Pentecost!



Sunday is Pentecost so we planted Celosia in a planter for our prayer table. We planted Celosia because it looks like little flames of fire. I had Lucas, Sal, and Marina help me plant them and while digging in the dirt and planting the little flames we discussed the Feast of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit. Saturday afternoon I plan on getting all of the kids to help make a couple of garlands of flowers from our yard to take to Church to decorate with (and one for our prayer room too). I will take the opportunity to discuss the gifts of the Holy Spirit with them then.

My girls always like to dress in green for Pentecost. If you’re a Latin Catholic you are probably thinking we got our color wrong (and the date)! But we didn’t! Eastern Christians wear green for Pentecost. The monks will throw leaves around the floor of the church and wear green vestments. I recently read about what other Eastern Christians do to celebrate the feast. Decorating the church with some kind of greenery is the norm. In some churches people bring in trees, branches, and/or flowers. This represents the Holy Spirit being the divine life. Scattering leaves and branches on the floor symbolizes the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing in. Pretty cool huh? I recommend reading the following link which has some great history about traditions and information about the Feast of Pentecost:

Sunday is also our daughter Viviana’s birthday. We usually have birthday cake for Pentecost since it is the birthday of the Church, this year we have two birthdays to celebrate! The girls have out grown most of their clothes from last Spring so hopefully I can find them something new and green to wear. It’s a full weekend ahead!

Oh and about the date, the monastery follows the Revised Julian calendar.

Do you have any special traditions for Pentecost?



  1. Thank you for the info! At first, I did think you were a week late!! Knowledge is power!

  2. Thank you for the great ideas! Since we have been Orthodox for only two years, I love learning about ways to celebrate the feast days from families like yours. 🙂

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