Latest funny things my kids said and random Lent and Pascha thoughts…

Sal with candle

Sal being rascally during Holy Week. We bought the two younger boys battery powered candles since they are too young to hold real candles. And of course, the next two older kids wanted to hold the battery candles instead of real ones and the little boys wanted to hold real candles! Oh kids!


So life has been really crazy as of late. Throw in the busiest time of year and a new baby on the way and well it is no wonder I am still mentally processing the latest happenings and still physically recovering from it all. I am sure I am not the only one feeling like that. Anyway, writing helps me to process thoughts and get them out and outta the way so here are some of my random thoughts and latest funnies with the kids post-Pascha day:

  • I made spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Marina (7) saw her plate and said, “Meatballs! I forgot there can be meatballs in spaghetti!” Lent was feeling very long towards the end there. So much pasta, so much pasta.


  • Magdalena (10) told me after three different services that they were not nearly as long as she remembers. This was surprising because she said this after services that were around 2-1/2 hours long. I think all of the years going has made the services very familiar to her and she knew what was coming. Maybe that helped for the services to not seem too long. One of the services was Matins for Holy Friday with the twelve gospels even!


  • Some people actually have the nerve to say Catholics and Orthodox don’t read or know the bible. At the end of Holy Week the thought kept coming to me that people who say such things have obviously never gone through our Holy Week or Pascha services (can you get anymore bible in?!)–nevermind the rest of the year. Divine Liturgy and all of our other prayers are filled with biblical references and scripture. The thought definitely struck me at the end of Holy Week that people who say Catholics and Orthodox need to be more biblical don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Just because we don’t read the bible like protestants doesn’t mean we don’t read the bible!


  • Lucas (5) recently asked me if he has to go back to eating vegetables when Pascha season is over! Oops, mom fail moment. Guess I had better pay closer attention to what he is skipping out on at meal time. He and his older brother Diego have really been enjoying the meat dishes since Pascha began. The fast this year really did teach all of us something important. As we got more and more tired of the same old foods, we all definitely ate less than normal. This helped us to realize how little we really need to eat and how much we eat just because we like the food. I am glad we realized this. Now I need to keep an eye on Lucas’s plate and those veggies!


  • My oldest daughter and I each deserve shirts or coffee mugs that say, “I survived Holy Week 2015 with a two and three year old!” Even with Scarlett’s help, managing these rascally boys was rough. They were exceptionally rascally. I think the change in schedule, all the excitement and preparations, and the fact that I am so far along in pregnancy and just plain exhausted definitely made everything harder this year. And if I am not up to par it affects the whole house.
The dynamic duo!

The dynamic duo!


  • Continuing from the last thought: Lent, Holy Week, and Pascha night are all so exhausting and can really throw a loop in the kids schedule and the family’s routine for a couple of weeks after it is over but you know what? So what?! It is all worth it. Pascha is the most important day of our lives and if it didn’t throw a loop in things, well maybe we are doing something wrong? It amazes me that parents will go out of their way for things that in the end are not important but cry about or don’t want to bother having their own children participate as fully as possible in the most important days of the year. Priorities people!


  • I just love, love, love St. Joseph of Arimathea. Love. The thought of him going to Pilate for Jesus’ dead body and laying Him in the tomb just says something to me. Every year during Holy Week the songs we sing about him move me so much. I have been considering changing the new babies name from Serafina to Josefina after St. Joseph. Especially since she will be born during Pascha season. Because I just love him, did I mention that?! We shall see. It is a tough one.

Entombment of Christ


  • We need to practice saying and singing “Christ is Risen” in the different languages for next year. The older kids have it down fine but the younger ones need some practice. I shared the following story on Facebook recently:

I am in the kitchen making dinner and Lucas (5) is getting something out of the fridge and says, “Christ is Risen!”I didn’t respond because I wasn’t paying attention.
Lucas: “Hello, I said Christ is Risen!
Me: “Oh sorry, Indeed He is Risen!”
Lucas: “Christos Anesti!”
Me: “Alithos Anesti”
Lucas: “Something-Something!”
Haha we need to work on the Romanian!

Lucas painting more Easter eggs.

Lucas painting more Easter eggs.

Well there are my random thoughts and happenings. It is still Pascha season everyone, keep singing “Christ is Risen” and rejoicing in the resurrection! Also, the new baby is due any day now so please keep us in your prayers, thanks!


  1. Praying for you & your precious little one!! Both names are beautiful!

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