Living Feast to Feast!

Living Feast to Feast
The liturgical cycle or life of the Church is a precious gift. It is a beautiful dance—the dance of Christ the bridegroom with his bride. A rich continuous encounter with the salvation He has given to us; with the life we have in Christ. The liturgical life of the Church is how we live sacramentally and are united to Christ and His mystical body the Church; year after year, feast after feast, moment by moment.

In St. Therese of Lisieux’s autobiography we get a beautiful description of the way she and her family lived their faith. There, St. Therese explains the joy of feast days:

“The feasts! What precious memories these simple words bring to me. I loved them; and my sisters knew so well how to explain the mysteries hidden in each one. Those days of earth became days of Heaven…And if the great feasts came but seldom, each week brought one very dear to my heart, and that was Sunday. What a glorious day! The Feast of God! …This day which passed so quickly had also its touch of melancholy; my happiness was full till Compline, but after that a feeling of sadness took possession of me. I thought of the morrow when one had to begin again the daily life of work and lessons, and my heart feeling like an exile on this earth-longed for the repose of Heaven-the never ending Sabbath of our true home.”

The name of this part of our blog—Living Feast to Feast—was inspired by the saintly Martín Family (St. Therese’s family). The Martín family is an excellent example of a family who lived their life according to the Church calendar. They lived feast to feast and Sunday to Sunday and those who are familiar with St. Therese’s “little way” know that they sanctified all of their time and strove for communion with God in all moments.

Here we plan on sharing our own experiences of learning how to live according to the liturgical life of the Church and our understanding of the feast days and cycles throughout the year. A monastery is a place where the purpose of the community is to pray the full services of the Church; where the “days of earth” should be “days of heaven.” Time for Christians is different than it is for other people and our lives should reflect this—our time should be sanctified. This can be hard to do in the busy lives that we live but like the monk who abandons all things in order to live this Christian life, we must learn to change how we order our lives so that we can more fully participate in the Life of Christ.

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