A New Kind of Resurrection Part 1

As I sat outside on my porch this chilly morning, I was admiring the soft, subtle, and quiet way the sun comes up here in Wisconsin. The morning is alive with the song of the numerous and varied birds. Chirps and coos and even a loud screech from a hawk are what I heard while I admired the daffodils and tulips that are one of the first signs of spring finally arriving. There is sweet dew on the grass, and the buds on the trees are taking off. After the long cross of a Midwestern winter, Resurrection is everywhere.


Even on such a morning, I still sorely miss the striking beauty and glorious sunrises seen in the desert where I grew up. It has taken years, but I can now see a Wisconsin morning and not think, ‘Hmph that isn’t a sunrise.’

In the desert, a sunrise is anything but subtle. The bright golden sun illuminates the sky while pink and purple streak across it as if in a race to see how fast and far they can go. The sands are quickly heated and shine from the strength of the sun. There is nothing quiet or soft about a desert sunrise. It shouts Resurrection!

early spring

I have been learning there are different manifestations of Christ’s Resurrection in our lives. New life doesn’t always look like we expect. A new dawn may even be disappointing, and we do not see it as the blessing it is until we grow some more and have our view enhanced by grace. Where we have encountered a cross, we should also expect a Resurrection, but if we do not learn to see how God works, we may miss it for some time.

I’ve encountered many unexpected crosses in the past several years. Some heavier than others for sure, but each unexpected in many ways. I have had to learn to see things in new ways, I’ve had to allow God to open my eyes and heal my blindness.

When considering the gifts of new life, the spring seasons in our lives, and how they may not be what we expect, we must remember that flowers only come after the rain; The cross is first and then the empty tomb. The past couple of years has helped me understand this truth.

The Christian life is often vastly different than what we expect it to be. Prayers never go unanswered, but it may take time before we realize what we see as suffering and loss is answered prayer, it is the beginning of new life.

I am learning to see the beauty in what I call a new kind of Resurrection. And just as I have come to love a Midwestern sunrise as much as a desert one, I can now see they are quite different but a new day is dawning just the same. New life in Christ is still mine as long as I continue to seek Him. The same is true for you.


  1. You are a wonderful writer. I am going through some things right now. I keep trying to see the positive but sometimes it is hard.

    • Thanks, Michelle!

      I know what you mean, it is hard to be positive when you are in pain. God is my rock and He gets me through my hard times, I hate to think of where I would be without Him–lean on Him, He can be trusted to be faithful and His love never fails.
      You are an amazing, beautiful, and generous woman. Don’t ever forget that. Message me if you ever want to chat.

  2. That was lovely. Thank you!

  3. I do love those desert sunrises, too! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this lovely reflection!

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