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Catholic Exchange Editor Michael Lichens interviewed me for the CE podcast. We forgot to share it on our blog because last Wednesday I gave birth to our little daughter Serafina! I’ll be posting some pics of the new baby very soon! For now here is the description and link to the podcast for those interested.

Every Home a Monastery: An Interview with Jessica Archuleta

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On today’s edition of the Catholic Exchange Podcast, Michael speaks with CE contributor Jessica Archuleta, a homeschooling mom of eight, about life as a monastic associate with Holy Resurrection Monastery. We discuss the joys and challenges of bringing up children as well as what role monks and priests can play in our homes and lives to grow closer to holiness. We also cover the life of the Byzantine Catholic monks and the different ways our traditions as both lay and monastic bring us to a greater life in Christ.

By: Catholic Exchange

Description: Catholic homeschooling mom and monastic associate sits down with Michael in the CE studios to discuss life with children near a Byzantine Catholic Monastery and how the monks provide a model of Christian life.

Listen here.


  1. Welcome Serafina!! What a wonderful blessing!! We pray that both mom & baby are doing well! 🙂

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