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We have tried to be more intentional with our own shopping over the years. Being good stewards of what God gives us means we need to be mindful of how we use our resources. Sharing our time, talents, and treasures isn’t only about volunteer work, good deeds, and donations but also the use of these things in everyday life. Being good stewards extends to where and how we spend our money, and who we are purchasing goods from.

Sometimes this means we may spend a little more (not always) on our shopping so we can buy from a small business over the large chain. We can’t always do this, but when we can, we do. We have given a lot of thought to supporting small Christian businesses (especially Catholic and Orthodox ones) over the big chains.

When we started this blog we signed up for an affiliate link with Amazon. We decided to take the links down because any items we would be talking about or sharing are religious items. Items that are sold from small, family owned or religious owned businesses. So instead of giving nearly free advertisement to Amazon (the amount of money we would ever receive back isn’t very much), we want to encourage people to shop from family and religious businesses whenever possible. We love Amazon and buy from them, but try to buy religious goods from Catholic or Orthodox run businesses, even when this sometimes means spending a bit more. We really do need to support our fellow Christians with our shopping when possible. Why not, right? What better use of our God given treasures then in supporting our brothers and sisters?

We have put together some wonderful websites for you to visit. None of these are affiliate links. We just want to share with you Catholic and Orthodox small businesses.


“NearBayou specializes in natural products. Through a commitment to making natural and organic products, we strive to provide a safer alternative to the leading brands, both for your health, and for your clothing”

NearBayou NaturalsWe all have that person that you have no idea what to buy. Either they own everything, are super picky, or we just can’t figure out a good gift. Why not get them something to improve the health of their home and family? It’s healthy, useful, and will be appreciated. Our family has been using this natural homemade laundry soap for years. It’s made by a wonderful Byzantine Catholic family in Iowa. Place it in a nice basket along with some other healthy homemade goodies and you will have a wonderful present for anyone. What’s better than the gift of health?

Christmas special right now: Free shipping on orders over $75, through December 25th, when you use the code “HOLIDAY” on the shopping cart.

Hint: NearBayou Sweet Peppermint makes a terrific Christmas gift. Suggestion: Make sure to get your orders in early if you are ordering online, NearBayou is made by people who care and not by machine labor 🙂


By Holy Transfiguration Skete (Ukrainian Catholic Monks in Michigan)

A friend sent us these jams from The Jampot. Heavenly, delicious goodness!!! We savored our toast  every morning until it was all gone!!

A friend sent us these jams from The Jampot. Heavenly, delicious goodness!!! We savored our toast every morning until it was all gone!! The Thimbleberry was our favorite!

We have friends who attend Holy Transfiguration Skete and they sent us a trio of the monks jams as a gift. So delicious! We had never heard of Wild Thimbleberry before this–it is now our favorite jam(and we are jam lovers–not likers–lovers!)! You can trust our jam-loving opinions here! The Jampot ships year round and they have confections and fruitcakes too. This would be a wonderful gift for someone and it will support the monks life of prayer. It’s a win-win! 😉



“MONKROCK was founded in 2002 in Nashville, TN by artist and lay monastic Kevin Clay, in order to unite two subversive counter-cultures – monasticism and punk rock. Through the dissemination of art, propaganda, cult and merchandise, MONKROCK exists to make everyday life a religious experience by empowering people to see the world as their monastery. You don’t have to be a monk to live like one. Get into the Habit!”

This is a small Catholic family business and apostalate. A few of the items we once had Amazon links to on our blog, Monkrock has for sale. We would much rather you purchase from Monkrock and support their good work then Amazon. They carry books, tees, prayer ropes, rosaries, coffee and more. Check them out, you are bound to find a wonderful items to purchase.

Our oldest son is partial to the shirts. He owns a few of them and loves ’em. He has these first three and the fourth is next on the list:

You Dont Have To Be A Monk Rebuild My Church


The Great Schema

Coffee-ChristmasBlendWe have enjoyed the few coffees we have ordered. We are thinking we should try the St. Nicholas blend next. There are two great DVD’s available too: Into Great Silence (50% off now) and The Island – love this movie. Several books are on sale right now and there are some wonderful books available on the spiritual life and prayer.






 Sr. Vassa Coffee Mugs!coffee with sr. vassa

You know you want one and you know people who want one! Put a smile on one of the zillions faces and order those Coffee with Sr. Vassa mugs for yourself, friends, and family! Support Sr. Vassa’s work and give a fun gift!





Veils By Lily

Veils by LilyVeils by Lily

These veils for church look gorgeous online. Definitely something we hope to purchase in the future.

About the owner:  “I am a stay-at-home mother of five (ages 9, 7, 5, 2 and 1) with a special love for veiling in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Almost 4 years ago, I started making veils to encourage other women take up this beautiful tradition as a sign of love for Jesus, of confidence in Him, and of submission His holy will.”


Last but not least, Holy Resurrection Monastery’s Bakery.

This is for locals only as the monks are not able to ship products. But if you are in driving distance of St. Nazianz, Wisconsin come to the bake sale in December. On December 23rd from Noon- 7 pm you can pick up yummy treats for your own Christmas meal and tasty gifts for family and friends. Fr. Moses and his crew make delicious, breads, cookies, pies, and more. Please call in and order ahead of time to make sure you get what you want! You can follow the link for ordering information:

HRM Bake Sale


We know there are many other wonderful and worthwhile small, family or religious run businesses to support. Please feel free to share links below because we want to know about them too.

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