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Prosfora Bakers: Holy Fathers Spyridon and Nicodemus

Prosfora and Playdough

I needed to bake prosfora (communion bread) today because the monks will have Divine Liturgy tomorrow. I will usually bake enough prosfora for a week at a time, sometimes I will bake enough for two weeks. Most Saturday nights I am in the kitchen baking prosfora. The temptation to bake a huge batch for the month so I don’t worry […]

Baking Communion Bread with My Kids

Baking Communion Bread with My Kids

Miracle of miracles! My prosfora (communion bread) baking is finished early! It is only nine at night and I made nine loaves of prosfora, four loaves of pumpkin bread, and managed to make spaghetti and sauce for dinner. This is a miracle because usually I wait until everyone is in bed to make prosfora which means I go to bed […]

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