The Writers Arrived!

We made it to the Antiochian Village in Bolivar, Pennsylvania! We had a long drive with beautiful scenery along the way and a bonus state–we thought we were crossing 5 states to get to the Ancient Faith Writing and Podcasting Conference but we also drove through West Virginia for about 20 minutes. So 3 Writers and 6 States after all!

We arrived just in time for Vespers. Checked in then ran down to the first lecture. Bill Marianes gave a lively, humorous and informative talk about finding our way and our why. He asked the audience to think about why they write (or use whatever other form of media) and encouraged us to use our gifts as best as we can to spread the Gospel. The talk was thought provoking and a good start to the conference.

We are looking forward to tomorrow but first sleep!

Here are a few pics from today.

Brother Isaac’s mom Daun is awesome and woke up early to bake us muffins! Muffins made with love are the best–thanks Daun!


We had to stop at the 20,000 square foot candle store which was somewhere in Indiana. Funky store with clean bathrooms, it totally worked for us! They had any kind of scented candle you could imagine–like Picnic. I’m not really sure what it smelled like but my guess is grass and fried chicken.



Thanks for your prayers everyone. We appreciate it! Goodnight!

P.S. The second article in the community series was posted at Catholic Exchange today. It’s about my personal struggles with despondency and the gift of witness from my fellow community members. I’ll post it here over the weekend and you can go read it now here:

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