Why Every Home a Monastery?


“You greatly delude yourself and err, if you think that one thing is demanded from the layman and another from the monk; since the difference between them is in that whether one is married or not, while in everything else they have the same responsibilities… Because all must rise to the same height; and what has turned the world upside down is that we think only the monk must live rigorously, while the rest are allowed to live a life of indolence.”- St. John Chrysostom

Wow, that’s a serious call to action for us Christians, isn’t it?! We remember vividly when we heard Father Nicholas say something similar. Abbot Nicholas said, “Every man is called to be a monk and every woman a nun.” He explained that monasticism is the reference point for all Christians and we must strive after the same thing monks do — Communion with God. Continuing with the thought that every Christian is called to be monastic, we believe every home must be a monastery.

This site is about our experience since hearing those life changing words from Fr. Nicholas many years ago and how we strive to live our Christianity and family life with monasticism as our reference point. We believe wholeheartedly what St. John Chrysostom said, “what has turned the world upside down is that we think only the monk must live rigorously…”

The following pages will give further explanation of why every home is a monastery.

Why Every Home is a Monastery part 1 – A Pope, an Abbot and Orientale Lumen

Why Every Home is a Monastery part 2 – Patriarch Bartholomew on Monasticism and Marriage

Why Every Home is a Monastery part 3- Saint John Chrysostom has an Answer

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